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Codesustain is proud to donate 10% of each purchase profits to support education for the underprivileged children in India.

Creating an ethical balance between consumerism and sustainability of resources is the fiber of our being while empowering our communities  to help children gain access to schools and enjoy a future full of opportunities.

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BestSeller - Luxury Natural Accessories

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Kaca Jewellery Box - CodesustainKaca Jewellery Box - Codesustain
Kaca Handmade Jewellery Box
Rs. 599 Rs. 699
Save 29%
Kaca Handmade Natural ClutchKaca Clutch - Codesustain
Kaca Handmade Natural Clutch
Rs. 899 Rs. 1,270
Save 44%
Kauna Grass Tote Bag | Women | Kaca CollectionKaca Beige Tote bag - Codesustain
Save 31%
Handmade Bamboo Cane Coasters (Set of 4)Kaca Cane Coasters (Set of 4) - Codesustain
Save 28%
Kaca Shopping Bag - CodesustainKaca Jute Shopping | Vegetable | Fruit Bag
Save 17%
Luxury Cane Round Placemats | Cane Tablemats | Kaca CollectionLuxury Cane Round Placemats | Cane Tablemats | Kaca Collection
Save 0%
Kaca Kauna Grass | Water Hyacinth MatKaca Kauna Grass | Water Hyacinth Mat
Kaca Kauna Grass | Water Hyacinth Mat
From Rs. 624 Rs. 625
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Save 60%
KACA Handmade Multi-utility Baskets (Set of 4)KACA Handmade Multi-utility Baskets (Set of 4)