Yamas Wish Fulfilling Tortoise - Energized and Healed

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The Tortoise is a symbol of wisdom, securities, endurance, longevity, and patience.This tortoise Removes Vastu Dosh. Bringing this at home solves health isuues and increases prosperity.

The Couple Tortoise is beneficial for fertility. It improves the relationship between the husband and wife and brings contentment and peace of mind.

Tortoise for Student: Placing this on your study table helps to boost your morale and confidence. It brings stability and helps improve your memory.
Tortoise For Business growth: Place this Tortoise on Your Business Table, By keeping your wish in the shell of the Tortoise, you will boost your Growth and Profits.
This Tortoise is ideal for WISH FULFilling (it carries the energies of Water, moon, Earth, Time and Immorality). Keeping your wish in the Tortoise shell is a very powerful way for manifestation. Keep your desires or wishes locked in the shell and do not open till they get manifested.
Direction:  Should be placed in North direction, facing inside the house and tail shud be in North.



  • Aesthetically Beautiful.
  • Fairly-priced.
  • Sustainable and Ethically Sourced.
  • Timeless
  • 10% of these products proceeds are donated.

Pack Content

  • 1 Tortoise 
  • 0.56 Kg

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