Ayās Maharaja Jumbo Kansa Dinner Set || Large Luxury Kansa Thali Set | 13 Inches

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Essence with the goodness of Kansa, our Maharaja Kansa Thali Set is the perfect blend of royalty, antiquity and sturdiness, that sets it apart from any regular thali sets. Popular for its multiple usage in ancient India, bronze utensils are believed to improve skin condition, build a strong nervous system, improve vision, take care of the immune system and hemoglobin and enhance mental capability, which is of course an improvement over the regular steel utensils. The golden hue of bronze makes it aesthetic enough for occasions, with it being gaudy. 

The size of the plate, along with bowls and glass, makes it big enough to hold a lavish meal, with your soulful soups and fancy curries or side dishes.

By purchasing the thali set, you will not only benefit yourself by adding a healthier version of utensil to your regular ones, but also helping a marginalized section of the artisans who make these products, to live a sustainable and better life. 

Ideal for gifting and comes in completely eco-friendly packaging.

*Used products won't be returned 



  • Nutrition benefits.
  • Fairly-priced.
  • Natural and sustainable.
  • Timeless, heat-resistant and suitable for daily use
  • Handmade in Northern India. 
  • 10% of this products proceeds are donated.
  • Made to Order
  • No cancellations post order.
  • 15-20 days delivery timeline.


  • 13 Inches


  • ~1.3''

Pack Content

  • 9 piece Dinner Set (Bronze)
    • 1 Dinner Plate
    • 6 Katori Bowls
    • 1 Spoon
    • 1 Glass
  • ~2400 gms

Maintenance & Care

  • Retains heat.
  • Reusable and rustic.
  • Use mild soap and no abrasives to maintain the natural gleam.

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