Ayās Kansa Serving Spoons | Handmade Bronze Ladles

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If you desire to paint your kitchenware with colours on antiquity and classiness, our bronze spoon set will do the work for you. Replacing the monotonous steel and harmful plastics spoons, our sustainable bronze spoon set comes with 4 pieces, each of varying sizes, which will serve multiple purposes. Bronze conducts very little amount of heat, and thus you need not worry about burning your hands, or the surface you put it on. The gloss on the spoon comes from specialised techniques of glazing and the skillful hands of the best craftsmen of India. The sturdiness of the spoons will prevent the handles for bending or breaking, unlike the steel and plastic spoons.




  • Nutrition benefits.
  • Fairly-priced.
  • Natural and sustainable.
  • Timeless, heat-resistant and suitable for daily use
  • Handmade in Northern India. 
  • 10% of this products proceeds are donated.

Pack Content

  • 4 Piece Set (Bronze)
    • 1 Rice Ladle 
    • 1 Lentils Ladle
    • 2 Salad /Curry Ladle 
  • ~ 480 g 
  • Rice Ladle :-  L - 9 inch | wt - ~230 g
  • Lentils Ladle :- L - 8 inch | wt - ~110 g
  • Salad l Curry Ladle  :- L - 6 inch | wt - ~60 g each

Maintenance & Care

  • Retains heat.
  • Reusable and rustic.
  • Mild soap and no abrasives to maintain the natural gleam.
  • Minor irregularities is the charm of the product.



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