Ayās Brass | Pital Davara Filter Coffee - Tumbler Set

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This nutrient-rich brass Davara is carved out of pure brass, created for your comfort on cold rainy evenings. Pour in a stream of steaming hot filter coffee and allow the elements to fuse into your drink - both refreshing you and nourishing you at the same time.

Our gleaming Ayas Davara set takes you right back to the sepia-toned coffee sessions - reminiscent of the days where one remembered to cherish what they drank. Reignite your coffee sessions with our traditional Davara set - taking the time out to rejuvenate again.

By purchasing this product from the Ayas Collection, you not only contribute towards conserving the environment but also towards empowering a sustainable means of living for marginal artisans who bring beauty to our homes.

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  • Aesthetically Beautiful.
  • Fairly-priced.
  • Indigenously made using traditional methods.
  • Handmade in Northern India. 
  • 10% of these products proceeds are donated.


  • 3 Inch


  • ~3.5 Inch 

Pack Content

  • 2 Davara Set or 4 Davara Set 

Maintenance & Care

  • Clean Brass with a mild dishwashing liquid.
  • Avoid moisture post cleaning to ensure the long lasting natural shine.

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