‘Longpi’ black pottery - Imperfectly-Perfect

Longpi pottery – An Ancient Craft

‘Longpi’ black pottery - imperfectly-perfect

Made by Manipuri artisans using materials and techniques completely local to the region and its people. It’s an age-old, generational craft that tribals first used to create cooking utensils for themselves, far before the advent of aluminium pots.

Longpi is the name of two Manipuri villages from where the craft and technique of making this black earthenware originated. The stone and clay used are together are only found in that region, close to the Indian border.

These pieces of Longpi pottery use nothing but natural materials and are totally handmade (all the way from moulding without wheels to firing), which makes each creation truly unique.

And the rustic matt finish and slight fine lines lends them endearing simplicity and warmth. Almost as if they’re reminders to de-stress and untangle your life. If you’re a minimalist, you’re going to love it.

Keeping this ancient craft survive may not seem a huge deal at first, but in times of such pronounced homogeneity, these little things go a long way in connecting us to tangible objects at a more human level. Support such ancient crafts and be conscious in your consumption.

The entire LongPi collection is available on our website.


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