Loha Collection - A gift from our metal age ancestors |Cast Iron |Rustic, Heavy and Traditional Treasure of Health

Loha Collection - Derive the benefits of Cast Iron at fair prices

Many people suffer from iron deficiencies in their bodies that can cause health problems. Cast Iron Cookware is known for enriching and fortifying food cooked in it with iron micro-nutrients.

Cooking food in cast iron cookware increases the iron content in your food for an added health benefit to cooking with cast iron.

This works best with acidic foods that leech some iron from the pans as they cook, and for foods that spend a long time cooking on a cast-iron surface, but even eggs that are cooked for just a few minutes on cast-iron can benefit from increased iron content.

Cast Iron adds much-needed iron nutrients to your food.  With continuous use, other forms of non-stick coating used commercially starts to chip off visibly and invisibly, making us consume the coating along with food! Go rustic today- chose heavy cast iron skillets and pans for all your delightful cooking needs and add a pinch of iron to all your meals!

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Cast Iron - A Must Have for every Kitchen

We have enlisted a few cast iron utensils that are essential for an Indian kitchen. If you are looking to remodel or planning for a fresh and new kitchen, this will provide you an idea of what you should have to make it a Cast Iron rich kitchen.


1.Lohā Cast Iron Pre - Seasoned Double Handle Tawa || 12 Inches

Those crisp homemade ghee dosas made in solid cast iron will always a delight  for you and your family, with a cast iron tawa.


Double Handle Tawa

2.Lohā Cast Iron Pre - Seasoned Kadhai || 8 Inches & 10 Inches


To make any sabzi or gravy, Indians need this stove top equipment – kadai. Cast iron kadai is a must for any Indian kitchen since it helps in heat retention better than kadai with other metals.

But make sure every time that you have a mitten to handle the hot cast iron utensils, which have a whole iron body and hence the handles will also be hot to touch!

3.Lohā Cast Iron Pre - Seasoned Grill Pan || 17.5 inches

Whether you go for a grill pan or a cast iron griddle, you’ll be delighted with the burnt char you get on vegetables and meat. You’ll also love cooking patties, burgers, and sandwiches on these utensils.

Rustic and heavy, this is a delight to use and versatile in your kitchen.


4.Lohā Cast Iron Pre - Seasoned Panniyaram or Appe Pan

There are umpteen kofta curry recipes, bonda and vada recipes that can be made in a panniyaram pan. This method is a salvation to many deep fried recipes that have a thicker batter. Next time you think of making deep fried koftas, rethink! This is a must have in every Indian kitchen to savors mouth-watering koftas or any traditional dishes



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